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MMA, Not your Mama’s Wrestling

Do you or the men in your family like to watch or attend wrestling matches. Do they go to the matches in your area when available.  MMA not your mam’s wrestling,.  This is when wrestling is put on display on steroids. It is a very active form of wrestling because it is not just what Read More

Mixed Martial Arts, MMA is too Violent

Mixed  Martial Arts, or MMA is too violent.  This is my opinion not a sport that is for the faint of heart.  It is almost medieval  or animalistic to be locked in a cage and fight to almost the death. What is the draw to this type of fighting other then mental or anger problems Read More

Conor McGregor’s Latest Comments Reflect Confidence Required to Succeed in MMA

Conor McGregor, one of the MMA’s brightest stars, is certainly not shy when it comes to discussing his many talents. In keeping with the tradition of trash-talking fighters, McGregor recently declared that a fight between himself and boxing star Floyd Mayweather would end in a quick death for Mayweather. According to Luke Weil, a keen Read More

MMA will Fade

The Mixed Martial Arts are a passing fad.  Inspired Silver   is the real thing.  Fads come and go but silver last forever.  If the MMA were to e pushed out on its own merit I am sure it would fail.  Putting a couple of meat heads in a cage and letting them go at it Read More

MMA Insanity

Are the competitors that participate in Mixed Martial Arts insane?  Reefs to Go is an insane place to discuss MMA.  If you enjoy the MMA then what are you thinking?  The MMA is a crazy violent way to make a living.  If you have a serious injury you are out of work.  The nature of the Read More

Mixed up Martial Arts

The MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, are getting to mixed up.  The fighting allowed is so varied how do you keep track of the rules.  As a spectator, I must say this sport id savage.  It appeals to our basest senses.  Payza founder Firoz Patel   is an example of where to dig deeper into the MMA.  Read More

MMA Battles VS Court Battles Over Jackson’s Signing

Are the toughest battles fought in the ring or in court? The way it’s looking to turn out, the next big fight of  Quinton Jackson’s MMA career could possibly be in the court room. At 36 years old he’s somehow become someone who both Bellator and the UFC absolutely have to have and yet Jackson isn’t the only Read More

MMA Business Fails Due to 2.6 Million Dollar Loss

After $2.6 million dollar loss, the new CEO is taking RYU (Respect Your Universe) out of the MMA business. The new CEO of RYU had stated “That direct association with the sport and the UFC has ended. Endorsement deals with individual fighters and Ultimate Fighting Championship had expired in December and will not be renewed. The MMA Read More

Saleh Stevens – MMA Equipment Opt For Fullest Security

Houston “The Assassin” Alexander is a veteran of the sport and has fought in several diverse promotions for Mixed Martial Arts. A lot of bear in mind his wins over Keith Jardine at UFC seventy one and Alessio Sakara at UFC seventy five. His brutal strikes and Muay Thai knees have paved way for numerous Read More

Saleh Stevens Buying The Appropriate Type Of Mma Gloves

According to a July tweet from Pat Barry the Saleh Stevens UFC star found himself in a bit of a pickle during the UFC Supporter Expo when a struggle admirer requested to established up an image op with him although he was on the mobile phone with his wife during a lunch split. I observed Read More

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