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Dr. Raouf Farag Offers Assessment of Benefits, Risks of MMA Training

As one of the fastest-growing sports in terms of its popularity among both spectators and participants, there are many questions being raised regarding the inherent risks and rewards in training for and then competing in an MMA bout. While Dr. Raouf Farag was hesitant to offer any specific or concrete analysis without taking the time Read More

Fahad Al-Rajaan and How MMA Training Can Benefit Business Executives

Despite the serious demands placed on their time, the majority of business executives understand the importance of a continued focus on physical fitness. Regular exercise — whether it is endurance training like running and cycling or more explosive exercises like strength training and CrossFit — keeps the mind sharp and energy levels high, thereby ensuring Read More

Mixed Martial Arts Awesome

Mixed Martial Arts is awesome.  The fights are very quick as the fighters tire quickly.  You have to pay attention or you will miss the knock out hit.  If you don’t like blood or violence then steer clear of Mixed Martial Arts fighting.  I used to faint in the shot line when I was a Read More

MMA Pain

Are the mixed martial arts wrestlers impervious to pain?  The bloody mess that passes for entertainment is out of control.  The MMA is a mess.  How it ever became mainstream is beyond me.  Are we savages after all?  The best thing about the MMA is that it provide employment for meat heads that are brain Read More

Saleh Stevens Weight Coaching For Mma – Will Bodyweight Education Make An Mma Fighter Slow?

If my pals go through this they’re heading to destroy me. due to the fact I position these out to them sometimes. It’s all in good entertaining! Every person is responsible of carrying out at the very least a single of these, and if you’re genuinely proficient then you can pull off two or three Read More

How To Get Started Out Training For MMA – Saleh Stevens

The UFC 81: Breaking Level (February two, 2008), in Las Vegas, bout of the night time pitted the MMA legend, Frank Mir from the professional-wrestling winner and NCAA countrywide wrestling winner turned UFC newcomer, Brock Lesnar. I experienced large hopes for Lesnar in MMA, especially right after his K-1 debut on June 2, 2007, in Read More