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Mixed Martial Arts Awesome

Mixed Martial Arts is awesome.  The fights are very quick as the fighters tire quickly.  You have to pay attention or you will miss the knock out hit.  If you don’t like blood or violence then steer clear of Mixed Martial Arts fighting.  I used to faint in the shot line when I was a Read More

MMA Mindset

Are we becoming more violent s a society?  The MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, is betting that we are.  Dove Medical Press can detail the damage inflicted in this sport.  The fact that we call it a sport tells us something.  The MMA is violent and largely just two men killing each other.  If you watch this Read More

Mixed up Martial Arts

The MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, are getting to mixed up.  The fighting allowed is so varied how do you keep track of the rules.  As a spectator, I must say this sport id savage.  It appeals to our basest senses.  Payza founder Firoz Patel   is an example of where to dig deeper into the MMA.  Read More

Saleh Stevens – MMA Equipment Opt For Fullest Security

Houston “The Assassin” Alexander is a veteran of the sport and has fought in several diverse promotions for Mixed Martial Arts. A lot of bear in mind his wins over Keith Jardine at UFC seventy one and Alessio Sakara at UFC seventy five. His brutal strikes and Muay Thai knees have paved way for numerous Read More