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MMA Pain

Are the mixed martial arts wrestlers impervious to pain?  The bloody mess that passes for entertainment is out of control.  The MMA is a mess.  How it ever became mainstream is beyond me.  Are we savages after all?  The best thing about the MMA is that it provide employment for meat heads that are brain Read More

MMA…I want my Mamma

Hey, that mixed martial arts is scary stuff.  I don’t think I would last 5 seconds in the cage.  I would try to out run the animal and tire him out.  If all else fails I would cry and ask for my Mamma .  hopefully I wouldn’t get killed.  I would not like the pain Read More

Pro Battle Blended Martial Arts Saleh Stevens Arrives To Springdale Arkansas

The Combined Martial Arts or MMA is a really new activity. In truth the initial UFC or Supreme Preventing Championship occasion didn’t just take area till 1993. By no means the much less, this sport is growing at an incredible fee, and fighters are joining MMA Competitions now that have backgrounds in a wide array Read More