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MMA is for Real Men

The mixed martial arts fighting is for real men…not sissies.  If you have plans to participate in the MMA you better be a bad ass.  The MMA fighters eat good boxers for lunch.  If you think you have what it takes, think again.  You better have a thick skull and be in great shape.  The fighting Read More

MMA Rules…Not

I suppose that the Mixed Martial Arts has rules but they are hard to tell.  It just looks like two individuals in a cage trying to kill each other.  It is supposed to have rules to protect the contestants from bodily injury but all I can see is pain.  The knock out of the other contestant Read More

Pro Battle Blended Martial Arts Saleh Stevens Arrives To Springdale Arkansas

The Combined Martial Arts or MMA is a really new activity. In truth the initial UFC or Supreme Preventing Championship occasion didn’t just take area till 1993. By no means the much less, this sport is growing at an incredible fee, and fighters are joining MMA Competitions now that have backgrounds in a wide array Read More