Randi Glazer Discusses How MMA Principles Benefit Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Randi Glazer negotiation businessRandi Glazer knows just how difficult MMA training can be, and she clearly understands that MMA fighters have to be among the most dedicated and hard-working individuals if they are going to achieve any meaningful level of competitive success. While there are not many MMA fighters who would immediately draw a parallel between MMA and any kind of entrepreneurial pursuit, Glazer believes there is an endless array of similarities between the two endeavors.

The most notable similarity between the two seemingly disparate pursuits is the need for consistency and diligence regarding even the most minor details. In an entrepreneurial endeavor, failing to adopt a detail-oriented approach can be disastrous for the company and for the individual. Of course, MMA fighters who neglect the details face more physically injurious consequences by overlooking the details in preparation for a fight, but the fact remains that the result is absolutely devastating and difficult to overcome in entrepreneurship as well as MMA.

While the potential for disaster is perhaps most notable, it is not the most important similarity between entrepreneurship and MMA fighting. Instead, the most important commonality is the fact that hard work and thorough preparation will ultimately be rewarded in a significant way. Entrepreneurs and fighters who understand the value of hard work and preparation are therefore destined to enjoy a tremendous amount of success in their respective endeavors.