Ralph Slaske is Undefeated

Long before Ralph Slaske was an undefeated champion, he was more of the floor mop. It took him a serious moment with himself to look himself in the eyes and find out what he was made of and understand what he was doing differently than his opponents and his competition. Other MMA fighters were putting in at least 6 hours of practice every with the exception of 1 day to rest and replenish; Slaske at that time was only putting in 1 hour and quitting when he had enough. Needless to  say, his results showed.

He was tired of losing and made a decision with himself to put in 8 hours a day if at all possible to work around his schedule. Since MMA fighting was his passion, why wasn’t he treating it like one? Was it because he wasn’t challenged enough or because he was comfortable? The answer is both. Slaske made his changes and within a month of hard work, focus and dedication, he stopped being the mop and started being the janitor—figuratively speaking. Within a year later, Ralph Slaske was an undefeated champion of the season.