Nancy Behrman Praises Conor McGregor’s Promotional Skills

nancy behrman_MMA McGregorNancy Behrman is capable of recognizing a skilled promoter when she sees one, and MMA fighter Conor McGregor has certainly caught the attention of the longtime PR professional. According to Nancy Behrman, she has long been impressed with McGregor’s seemingly spontaneous monologues and his usage of colorful and uniquely descriptive terminology, but she has been most impressed by the manner in which he has leveraged his unique skills as a promoter to call attention to what he believes is an important issue plaguing the sport of MMA.

When McGregor recently announced his retirement from MMA by using social media, he generated headline after headline and invited endless speculation regarding his motives for retiring. Then, after dominating an entire news cycle, he kept his name in the headlines by walking back those initial comments in order to explain just how tired he had become with his responsibilities as a promoter.

While it may appear to be a bit ironic, it appears that McGregor used his exceptional promotional skills to ensure that he would be able to avoid having to put those skills to so much use that he is unable to adequately prepare for an upcoming fight. Coming off several unspectacular fights, McGregor has shifted the attention away from his poor showings in recent MMA bouts while simultaneously laying blame on corporate greed forcing him to spend all his time doing the PR work. It’s a brilliant strategy in which McGregor has ensured he will come away as the winner no matter what the outcome may ultimately be.