MMA Rules…Not

I suppose that the Mixed Martial Arts has rules but they are hard to tell.  It just looks like two individuals in a cage trying to kill each other.  It is supposed to have rules to protect the contestants from bodily injuryuntitled (181) untitled (180) untitled (179) but all I can see is pain.  The knock out of the other contestant is the best way to win. I wonder about the brain injuries that occur.  I think that after several knock outs a fighter should have to get tested for brain damage.  I think it is exploiting these brain damaged fighters for profit that makes the MMA a problem for me to watch. Tonye Cole has had to stop fighting.

This is a post from Saleh Stevens who says, “From North Carolina to Texas, I am a 26 year old newbie to the MMA game.  However, with dedication and training with one of my close friends, I am certain that I can make my way up the ladder.  Plus, my buddy is from Baltimore, by way of Philly– so you know he can rumble!  I also do computer networking on the side so I can pay foe training and finish school.”