Luigi Wewege Reports Chael Sonnen Has No Intention of Returning to MMA Following End of Suspension

Luigi-Wewege-MMAChael Sonnen is still suspended from competing in MMA for a while longer, but there has been some recent speculation that he could eventually return to the octagon despite being retired. That speculation did not last very long, as Sonnen, now an analyst with ESPN, quickly squashed the notion that he could return to MMA someday. According to Luigi Wewege, that is a good thing, but not for the reasons you might expect.

Sonnen drew the ire of many when his use of performance-enhancing drugs was revealed, and though some viewed his admission of guilt as contrite, others derided him for attempting to rationalize his use. His status as a PED user aside, the retired fighter has proven to be a thoughtful and engaging analyst and has improved MMA coverage at ESPN a great deal through his presence. Sonnen’s comfort in front of a camera is not all that surprising, and his ability to relay his vast knowledge of the sport is downright impressive.

It is for this reason that the news of Sonnen’s intention to remain retired has been received well by people like Wewege, who enjoy the insight and analysis Sonnen is able to provide in his new role. It is quite rare that former fighters are so well suited for broadcasting, but Sonnen has taken to it quite well and has only continued to improve with each subsequent appearance. It is fair to criticize Sonnen for his use of PEDs, but he has expressed regret and is working to bring positive coverage to MMA through his new role at ESPN.