Dr. Sid Solomon Weighs in on Conor McGregor’s Dustup With UFC

dr sid solomon weighs in on mcgregorDr. Sid Solomon is not likely to recommend any of his patients pursue a career in MMA due to the inherent dangers and the potential for injury, but he has developed a certain level of respect for Conor McGregor and many of the other UFC fighters for the level of commitment and dedication with which they approach their craft. According to Dr. Solomon, the recent dustup between McGregor and the UFC may serve as an indication of the respective priorities of each party.

For McGregor, a devastating recent loss to his upcoming opponent made him reevaluate his approach to training and led to a desire to remove all potential distractions in advance of the rematch; for the UFC, it appears that promoting the fight is what mattered most, even if it served to inhibit the training regimen of one of the combatants.

However this dustup plays out, it seems that most are in agreement that taking away a potential future fight in New York from McGregor would be a disproportionate punishment, particularly given how important such a fight at Madison Square Garden would be to both McGregor and his many fans.