Darren Pawski Experience

Darren Pawski Experience

Darren Pawski has been in the financial services industry since the year 1988; Pawski has a vast experience in dealing in all areas of fiscal planning and money. He is a goal-oriented man who has been working with the Commonwealth Bank and was assigned senior management duties with well-known financial services companies in Perth. Daren is now the Managing Director Synergy Financial Solutions since December the year 2007. Darren Pawski is a man who does his work appropriately at the right time and the right place; his services are excellent and of quality, he follows his heart every time.

Managing Director
Darren Pawski has been the Managing Director at Synergy Financial Solutions since December the year 2007 to date. He is passionate about his work.
This Synergy Financial Solution is a boutique service giver offering a modified, specialized approach that encompasses each feature of your funds, focused on your prospect goals. You can’t regret their work at all.
Synergy Financial Solutions firmly believe in giving out their knowledge so that you get empowered to make conversant and appropriate choices. Synergy Financial Solution aims at helping you put into practice the most efficient finance strategies suitable to your precise situation.

Darren Pawski Experience

Darren Pawski is the owner at http://darrenpawski.com.au/ at the very moment

Darren is the holder of the following:
A Diploma Certificate of Financial Plan from the Deakin University
Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking- Kaplan Professional college

Honors and Awards
Independently Owned Financial Planners Association awarded Pawski (December 2012) as Member of the year; he was awarded because of the great services he offered to the financial planning sector in the company.

Pawski is proficient in the following areas of expertise:
• Microsoft Office
• Strategic Planning
• Social Media Marketing
• Microsoft Word
• Business growth issues
• Adobe Photoshop
• Leadership
• Public Speaking
• Marketing techniques
• Microsoft Excel
• Customer Service
• Social Media

Darren has the following benefits:
Financial interest
Helping others without expecting back
Focused on his goals